Frequently Asked Questions: Salon Insurance

What happens if my salon window is broken late at night, or I experience any other form of vandalism?

You will need to contact a company that can repair glass windows, before then ringing your salon insurance provider to inform them of what has happened.

What would I get with salon insurance?

With a salon insurance policy, you will be covered for the following: any property loss or damage, any money lost whilst on the premises or in transit, any assault that takes place on your property, any business interruption you may experience due to loss or damage to your buildings or contents, public and products liability, […]

In the event of one of my former employees becoming a freelance worker, and breaking the contract of employment by taking clients from me, would I have any cover?

If this were to happen it could be an extremely uncomfortable situation, and such an unfortunate case is rare, however, it does indeed happen, and that is why with most salon insurance policies you will be protected from having to pay expensive legal fees in order to resolve this issue.

If I were to work away from my salon, will I still be covered?

Yes, most salon insurers would cover you if you were to carry out mobile work. This is of course something you should check however by reading through your policy documents, or by directly contacting your insurer via telephone or via email.

I am starting up a new salon, will I be covered?

Yes, most salon insurance providers will cover start-up businesses. If you are indeed starting up a new salon, then it will be important to ensure you purchase all the necessary insurance policies you will require. If you are not fully insured, or do not have the correct type of insurance, in the event of something […]

Will salon owners be responsible for the acts of independent contractors?

This depends on the cause of injury, what the people were doing at the time, the current state of the law, and a contractual agreement between the owner of the salon and the person renting the booth space. If the independent contractor does not have insurance, then the injured person may turn to the salon […]

If I choose to pay monthly, will I be charged interest?

No, you will not be charged any interest if you wish to pay monthly via a direct debit account for your salon insurance policy. If you currently have an insurance policy that you paid for in one lump sum, and you would like to pay for it in monthly instalments in the future, then when […]

If I were to change treatments would I have to advise my insurer?

It would be a good idea to contact your salon insurance provider in order to check that you are covered for whatever treatment it is you wish to begin carrying out within the salon.

Who insures the personal property that independent contractors keep at the salon?

If the contractor has purchased their own liability insurance then this should cover them. If not, however, then the salon owner will need to check whether their salon insurance policy will also cover contractors equipment, if not it may be worth adding it as an extra.

Would I have to pay an excess on a claim if one of the treatments went wrong?

In the unfortunate and unlikely event of one of the treatments going wrong, most salon insurance providers would not then need you to pay an excess on a claim.