Frequently Asked Questions: Landlord Insurance

What is an interested party?

This is anyone, or any organisation, that has a financial interest in the property. For example, a mortgage provider. When applying for landlord insurance, you may indeed be asked how many interested parties there are.

Can I insure more than one property with one landlord insurance policy?

Yes, some insurers will offer you the opportunity to insure multiple properties in order to save you time and effort. You will have to check though with specific landlords insurance brokers.

Will my cover continue when a tenant moves out?

To check this you will need to refer to your landlord insurance policy documents. The length of cover will be written into the policy. If you are still unsure then it will be a good idea to contact your insurer directly via telephone, or via email.

Do I need a separate insurance policy for fixtures and fittings?

It is likely that you will need a separate insurance policy as the landlord insurance policy you have may not extend to cover the fixtures and fittings within your property. Even if it does, the replacement fixtures and fittings, should they need to be replaced, may not be on a like for like basis.

Can I make a claim for loss of rent if my property is damaged to the point where it is uninhabitable?

The majority of landlord insurance policies will offer some form of loss of rent as optional cover. Cover will be provided in the event that your property is so badly damaged, by an insured event, that it becomes uninhabitable, or access to the property becomes impossible. In this event the policy will cover the rent […]

What type of tenants are acceptable?

Provided that your tenancy agreement is directly with the tenant, then anyone from the unemployed to international students will be perfectly acceptable. Different types of tenants will not affect your landlord insurance quote, so you should not worry about selecting any specific tenants for insurance reasons.

What are my legal obligations when applying for landlords insurance?

Once you have found the right policy that suits your needs and wishes, there will be certain legalities that you should be aware of. This will of course vary between different landlord insurance companies.

If my property is let furnished, can I obtain cover for a minimum contents sum insured?

No, unfortunately not. Instead however, you can arrange landlords’ contents insurance for whatever figure is appropriate to you via your landlords insurance policy. In order to add this on to your policy as an extra, you will need to contact your insurance provider.

Does my claims record matter?

Most certainly. For example, if you have made a claim, or claims, in the past after burglaries and you still have not made any changes in order to make your property more secure, then you are a higher risk for an insurer than normal. However, if you have installed a home security system or made […]

What are my contents worth?

As a landlord, it will be likely that the property you are letting contains contents that you own. It is important to note these contents, and the value of them, and ensure that you have provided adequate cover for them in your landlord insurance policy.