Frequently Asked Questions: Caravan Insurance

If I store my caravan on my drive will this be a problem when applying for insurance?

If you keep your caravan on your driveway, then no, this will not be a problem when applying for a caravan insurance quote. Your premium will vary however depending on where you live.

Why do you need to know where the caravan is kept?

Where the caravan is stored is one of the main factors that will effect your caravan insurance premium. Some areas will inevitably represent higher risks than others, for example if the caravan is kept in the city centre or somewhere rural. One or the other will edit the amount you will be quoted for your […]

Where will I be able to find my caravan’s CRiS or VIN number?

This is a unique identification number and it can be found in the bottom right corner of the caravan’s windows in dot-matrix text. Alternatively, it will be found on the A-frame at the front of the caravan. When applying for a caravan insurance quote with QuoteSearcher, you will not need to refer to this number.

If I allow my family members to borrow my caravan, will it remain insured?

This will largely depend on the cover options you choose for your caravan. If you are thinking of letting any family members borrow your caravan, you must first refer to your caravan insurance policy documents. In most cases, it is likely that you will be covered if your immediate family or extended family borrow the […]

What security issues should I consider for my caravan?

With caravan insurance there are a number of issues you should take into account. These security issues could result in great discounts and will also give you that crucial peace of mind. You should look into acquiring a hitch lock, a chassis secure wheel lock, an anchoring device and, of course, locks for your doors […]

How can I pay for my caravan insurance?

Once you are happy with your caravan insurance quote, you can pay by credit or debit card. You can alternatively set up a direct debit account if you would prefer. Once you have paid for your caravan insurance, you will have immediate cover and so you will not have to worry about waiting for your […]

Will I be able to choose the level of my excess?

Yes, you are able to edit the level of your excess in order to suit your particular requirements. This will edit the premium that will come with your caravan insurance quote.

If my caravan is being towed, will it still be insured?

Yes, provided you have taken out a caravan insurance policy, your caravan will still be insured.

Can other people use my static caravan?

Yes, most caravan insurance providers will allow friends and family to use your caravan, provided they have your permission to do so of course. If you want to allow friends and family use your caravan, and you know that this is a possibility, then you should check with the insurer that it is possible before […]

Will the contents of my caravan be insured?

Yes, any accidental loss or damage to the contents and personal items inside the caravan can be included in the caravan insurance policy for an additional premium. You can select the value of your contents inside the caravan whilst applying for a caravan insurance quote on the QuoteSearcher website.

Where are caravans/motorhomes most at risk from theft or damage?

With regard to theft and damage, the following figures have been reported: 55% of claims were made as a result of accidental damage. 18% of claims were made as a result of damages caused by a storm. 13% of claims were made as a result of theft. 7% of claims were made as a result […]

What different types of caravan insurance are there?

There are three main types of caravan insurance: 1) Touring caravan insurance 2) Static caravan insurance 3) Trailer tent and folding camper insurance.

Who is covered when it comes to towing the caravan?

Most caravan insurers will allow anyone who is aged 18 years or older, and holds the appropriate valid driving licence, and if necessary has taken the Car and Trailer Practical Test, to tow your caravan. If you are unsure however, then you should check with your insurance provider in order to find out.

Will caravans outside the UK be covered?

Most caravan insurance policies are available to UK residents only, and will therefore only be available to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There may be some exceptions however, and so if you would require to be covered outside the UK you will need to speak with your insurer.

How long can I go to Europe for with my caravan under a UK insurance policy?

This will depend on particular caravan insurance policies. However, a general rule of thumb with caravan insurance is that policies will provide cover for European trips of up to 90 days at a time, and up to a maximum of 180 days per policy term.