Frequently Asked Questions: Boat Insurance

What happens if I have to make a claim on my policy?

If you wish to make a claim, you will need to speak with your boat insurance broker, and they will then advise you on the steps that need to be taken in order to make a claim.

Am I covered to race my boat?

Yes, with some boat insurance brokers you will be. You may have to select it as an additional option however when applying for your boat insurance quote. If you already have an existing boat insurance policy, then it will be a good idea to contact your boat insurance provider in order to check whether you […]

Is it possible for my policy to be in joint names?

Yes, anyone with a financial interest in the boat can be insured under the same boat insurance policy. If you wish to add someone else on to an already existing policy, then you can contact your insurance provider and they will be able to assist you.

How many people can I insure on one policy?

The case for most boat insurance brokers is that anyone with a financial interest can be insured under the same policy. If someone is uninsured, and has an accident whilst in control of the boat, then your insurance provider may refuse to pay out.

How much should I insure my boat for?

The premium of your boat insurance policy will largely depend on the size of the boat, the age of it, the condition it is in, and your boating experience amongst other factors. There is no specific price to insure your boat for. Once the insurance companies have evaluated all the information you have provided, you […]

Will it be possible for someone else to use my boat?

Yes, once you have purchased boat insurance, it will be possible for anyone to use your boat with your express permission, provided they have the relevant experience and that no money exchanges hands.

What discounts are available for boat insurance?

In addition to discounts that can be earned as a result of a boating course, some insurance companies will offer discounts for recognised marine qualifications. You can also earn a no claims bonus of up to 30% with many boat insurers.

What exactly will be covered by my boat insurance?

The hull, machinery, gear and equipment will all be covered. Additions such as a dinghy, outboard motor, trailer etc. may need to be specified on the policy. Boat insurance quotes can also include accidental damage, theft and physical loss to your vessel. Personal accident cover may also be available.

Will my jet-ski or dinghy be covered?

Most insurance companies will require you to obtain a separate policy for personal watercraft and jet-skies. The majority of boat insurance companies do provide coverage for dinghies, but this is something you will have to check.

Where will I be able to use my boat?

Most boat insurance providers will cover you for: Inland non-tidal waters. Inland non tidal waters plus 30 days coastal use. Inland and coastal waters of the UK, Eire, Channel Islands, parts of Europe, most Mediterranean waters, and other regions that will also be specified. For specific details you may want to contact your boat insurance […]

How far off shore can I go?

Most navigation guidelines will be stated in your boat insurance policy. It will be important to be aware of the exact parameters and limits. If you are unsure about any of the information you have been provided with, then feel free to contact your insurance provider in order to enquire.

Are discounts available if I have participated in a boating course?

The majority of boat insurance companies will offer you discounts if you have successfully completed an approved safe boating course. These boating courses would also be beneficial to your own safety whilst aboard your boat.

Will I be charged if I want to amend the policy details?

Some boat insurance providers will charge you for making amendments. Before you choose to amend your policy, make sure you are certain, and consider the cost. Get in touch with your insurer in order to find out whether you will be charged for any amendments.

Is it possible to add another boat to my insurance policy?

Generally, it is not possible to insure more than one boat on each policy. This is because most boat insurers will provide you with a bespoke insurance policy, as opposed to a policy that can cover a wide range of different crafts. For example, it would be impossible to insure a large yacht and a […]

Is it possible to transfer my policy to a different owner if I were to sell my boat?

Unfortunately boat insurance policies are not transferable from one owner to the next as the details will then be incorrect. If you are selling your boat, you will need to cancel your policy. To do this you will need to get in touch with your boat insurance provider via email or telephone.