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Employers’ Liability Insurance

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As an employer, you have a duty of care towards your employees. Employers’ liability (EL) insurance will protect you from the cost of paying or defending against a compensation claim if any employee suffers an injury or illness as a result of working for you. It will also cover you in case of a criminal prosecution if the employee suffered as a result of a law being broken or a regulation not being adhered to.

Why get Employers’ Liability Insurance?

Accidents are not something anybody plans. Some might be a direct result of somebody’s negligence, like a spillage not being cleaned up properly. Others can be pure bad luck, or they might be specifically due to the type of work you are doing; like when people who have been working with asbestos end up with mesothelioma. Whoever is responsible, an employee still has every right to make a claim.

If any employee decides to take legal action against you, this can have a serious impact on your own finances as well as those of your business.

Legal fees to defend against claims can easily run into the thousands, and that money has to come from somewhere; either you or your business. If the claim is successful, then there will also be the cost of the subsequent pay out to consider. For SMEs, something like this could end up bankrupting them.

It covers a wide variety of employees including:

  • Permanent employees
  • Seasonal or casual employees
  • Advisors
  • Labour specific subcontractors
  • Temporary staff
  • Students on work placements
  • Volunteers
  • Marshalls

Do I Need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

In the UK, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for any business which has any employees, and the minimum level of cover is £5 million.

The only exceptions to this rule are if the employee is a family member, or they are based abroad full time, otherwise EL insurance is not optional.

Any business without it can be fined £2,500 per day, every day until they have the proper EL insurance policy in place. Furthermore, failure to display your insurance certificate can land you with another fine of £1,000.

This really is not something the government take lightly and failure to obey the law could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

How Much does Employers’ Liability Insurance Cost?

The price of your premium will depend on several different factors including:

  • How many employees you have
  • What sort of business you run
  • Your previous insurance claims history

Bigger businesses will require more cover, and will therefore pay a higher premium because there is a statistically higher chance of an employee making a claim and the insurer having to pay out.
We would also recommend public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance to any employer who does not have such policies in place already.

Get in touch with us today so we can help find the right employers’ liability insurance policy for you!

Why Use Quotesearcher

  • Only deal with leading UK insurers
  • One stop solution for all your insurance needs
  • No need to shop around to find the best deal
  • At QuoteSearcher we focus on helping our customers find niche insurance products, however as the threat of compensation cases have become more prominent there are now many places that also offer this service.  The difference with QuoteSearcher is we have years of experience working with a number of specialist brokers, and so we can help you find a tailor-made policy.  Whether you have one, fifty, or three hundred employees our brokers will provide you with the best deals available.  All we require is for you to fill out one simple online form and our brokers will do the rest!

  • Accidents happen, that’s just a fact of life.  However, when one of your employees claim that the accident is your fault, you can find yourself having to deal with legal proceedings.  There are strict health and safety laws in the UK which most businesses adhere to, however if there is an issue it’s not always easy to prove that you were not in the wrong.  Employers liability insurance not only helps cover the cost of legal and court fees, but can also contribute towards compensation costs should you be found at fault.  This is especially helpful for those that work in industries where accidents are more likely to happen, such as construction or factory work.

  • As we work with some of the UK’s leading insurance providers, we are able to help you find a policy that is right for you and your business.  This is why our online form gives you the option to choose the level of public liability you require, up to a total of five million pounds.  Our online form also gives you the ability to tell us a little bit more about your company, so that our brokers can find the right type of policy for you quickly and easily.  It only takes a few minutes to fill out, so why not try QuoteSearcher for your employers liability insurance today?