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Courier Insurance

Courier companies face numerous challenges as would any business offering customers delivery of their products to tight deadlines, which means that some couriers are expected to be on the road in a matter of minutes and driving no matter what time of the day (or night!). This is why it is important as couriers to protect yourselves and the goods you are transporting with a courier insurance policy that is specifically created for your needs and can help you run your business smoothly no matter what you encounter.

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  • Most people who own a commercial vehicle will be carrying some form of goods at all times. However, courier insurance is different as these goods usually do not belong to them, which means if something happens to the items in their possession, they have to cover the cost. Depending on your vehicle and the nature of your business, you could be carrying pizzas, clothes, or electronics worth thousands of pounds. No matter what it is, it all needs protecting, not only for the safety of your company but also for your driver.

  • Courier insurance can protect your business in a number of ways: firstly, it covers your vehicles so that if they are involved in an accident they can be fixed quickly and be back on the road as soon as possible. Secondly, courier insurance providers understand that both your vehicles and your drivers are more likely to be targeted by thieves than most other vehicle owners. With this in mind, your policy can help cover the costs of your goods, while also protecting your drivers should the worst happen. QuoteSearcher can find you the best price whether your company vehicles are vans, motorbikes or cars, so no matter how big or small your business, we can help.

  • Your courier insurance premiums will be based on a number of factors, including what range your vehicles travel, the type of goods you transport, and the size of your company. By investing in the right type of policy for you, you will know that your company is able to take on any new challenges that come around. Furthermore, you will be safe in the knowledge that you aren’t restricted by who can drive which vehicle, and how far you need to go. QuoteSearcher can help you find a range of policies, including fully comprehensive, 3rd party fire & theft, or just short term. All you need to do is fill in our online form and you could save up to 35% on your next policy!