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Why Use QuoteSearcher for Courier Insurance?

Use QuoteSearcher to find and compare courier insurance quotes from a wide range of experienced specialist brokers. Courier insurance in the UK covers a variety of vehicles and business types, from furniture delivery in a van to small packages on a motorbike or bicycle. Regardless of what kind of courier you are, we will find a broker who can offer you a suitable policy at a competitive price.

The best courier insurance policies are comprehensive, comprising many features to form complete coverage for all situations faced by couriers during their day-to-day lives. Goods in transit, public liability for couriers, and courier breakdown insurance are all integral features that can be included as part of your policy.

QuoteSearcher take the stress out of searching for quotes. With one simple form we gather all the information our panel of brokers need to create your tailored policy. They will then get in touch with you directly with a great quote.

Courier Insurance Policy Features

Courier Van Insurance

The longer your vehicle is off the road, the greater the impact on your business. Find out more about courier van insuranace for your vehicle.

Goods in Transit

Protection against any kind of loss, damage or theft to the goods you are delivering. Find out more about Goods in Transit Insurance for your courier service.

Courier Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance can help ensure deadlines are met and customers are satisfied. Learn more about Breakdown Cover for your courier vehicle.

Fleet Cover

Covering multiple vehicles on one policy is more cost effective than multiple policies for each

Excess Protection

Protect your business against the cost of an excess if a claim is made against you. Find out more about Excess Protection.

Public Liability Insurance

Protection against compensation claims and  legal expenses incurred. Find out more about Public Liability Insurance.

Suggested Courier Insurance Features

Every courier business is different, meaning that no two courier insurance policies will be the same. In the UK, you are required by law to have at least third part only motor insurance. You can choose to upgrade this to third party, fire and theft, or a comprehensive policy which would include more detailed coverage for specific events.

We recommend looking into the following features for your policy:

Courier Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance covers you against claims made my third parties including pedestrians. For example, if you are in an accident with another car, or a package falls from your van and injures your customer or a member of the public, the damage, medical and compensation costs will be covered

Courtesy Car Insurance

Having vehicle insurance covers the cost of repairs which will get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. However, depending on the time it takes to repair, a courtesy vehicle may be needed in order for you to continue working and earning during this time

Vehicle-Specific Insurance

Couriers operate using a range of vehicles and it is important to ensure you have the right cover for the one you use. For example, courier van insurance would most probably require different features from courier car insurance. A courier using a van would likely be delivering larger items (as opposed to a car courier who may only be delivering small packages), so could benefit from goods in transit cover as part of their policy.

Self-Employed Courier Insurance

Many couriers work on a self-employed basis and, in this case, your policy may require different features. While being self-employed does offer flexibility and freedom, there is also little protection should you be unable to work for any reason. Chat to your broker about potential features that should be included for maximum protection.

Courier logging packages
Courier delivering package

Courier Fleet Insurance

If you run a courier business that utilises a range of vehicles, you can choose a courier fleet insurance policy. This will give you blanket cover for all your vehicles and drivers, offering you maximum protection across your business.

There are many benefits to insuring your whole fleet. Not only can you save money by insuring a fleet rather than each individual driver, but you will also have all the information in one place, with a single broker.

You can incorporate many of the features mentioned on this page as part of a fleet insurance policy – to find out more, visit our Van Fleet or Motor Fleet insurance pages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Courier Insurance

    • What insurance do I need to be a courier?
      Anyone operating any kind of vehicle in the UK needs to have third party insurance by law, however this is the bare minimum and will not protect you against a number of situations faced by couriers.Comprehensive cover, complete with some of the features mentioned on this page, will give you full coverage against many different eventualities. Our brokers will be able to tailor a policy specifically for the needs of your courier business.
    • How much does courier insurance cost?
      ‘How much is courier insurance’ is a difficult question to answer. There are many elements that work together to decide the price of insurance, including the type of vehicle, the area in which you operate, and how many clients/customers you deliver to in any given day. When deciding the price of your quote, insurers will also take into account your driving capabilities.Your premium will cost less if you have had your license for a long time and have no claims bonus for example. Whatever elements make up your price, you can be sure that QuoteSearcher’s panel of brokers work hard to offer you the most competitive quote possible.
    • Can I transport goods to Europe?
      Delivering goods to Europe can be lucrative for a courier, and that is why there are a number of policies out there that will cover you for a certain amount of time in EU countries. Some policies can cover you for up to 90 days in any one period of your courier insurance. If you may need to transport goods to Europe, then make sure you have this included in your courier insurance quote before you purchase it.
    • Do you offer motorbike courier insurance?
      Yes, regardless of the type of vehicle you use to deliver goods, we can put you in touch with a broker who can offer you a comprehensive policy at a competitive price. Motorbike, scooter and moped courier insurance does differ from car and van couriers, as the former are often faced with higher risks on busy city roads. Chat with your broker about courier insurance for motorcycle riders and the features that may be needed for extra protection.
    • Will I be covered for hazardous goods?
      Most courier insurance brokers will offer a policy which includes cover for carrying hazardous goods. If you already have an existing policy that does not cover hazardous goods, then you may be able to add it on as an extra at any given stage.
    • What is the difference between haulage and courier?
      Generally, if you carry out multi-drop deliveries then you will need courier insurance, and if you do only one or two drops per day then haulage use is most likely to be appropriate. If you are unsure, then it would be a good idea to read through the details of the policies you are looking at.

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