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What does QuoteSearcher do for you?

Finding specialist insurance providers can often be a difficult journey through endless paperwork, with rival companies promising the world. At QuoteSearcher, we remove this difficulty by connecting you directly with specialist brokers who compete to give you the most competitive price for your insurance.

When your business needs to be carefully insured, and you need a broker you can trust, QuoteSearcher brings all possibilities together in one place. This allows the entire process to be simplified, giving you more time to do what is important to your business.

Chauffeur Insurance Policy Features

Guaranteed prestige vehicle replacement

Replacement luxury car of the same value in the event of loss.

Excess protection

Covers cost of higher excess associated with luxury vehicles. Find out more about chauffeur Excess Protection.

Legal expenses

Covers legal costs in the event of a claim. Find out more about Legal Expense Cover for chauffeurs.


Passenger liability

Covers costs of injury or property damage to passengers in transit. Find out more about Passenger Liability for chauffeurs.

Public liability

Covers legal and compensation costs in the event of claim. Find out more about chauffeur Public Liability.

Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. Find out more about Chauffeur Insurance Breakdown Cover.

Difference between Chauffeur and Taxi

Cover for chauffeurs is defined as for “the carriage of passengers for hire and reward.” It is designed to protect you against any risks, regardless of whether you are at fault or not. The main difference between driving a taxi and chauffeuring is that taxis are available for public hire, whereas all chauffeurs are employed on a private hire basis.

They also do not accept any payment in the vehicle, and they do not have a 2 way radio fitted in their car.

For most insurers, only executive vehicles will qualify for chauffeur insurance. These include BMWs, Bentleys, Mercedes and Rolls Royce.

Note that different councils have different insurance requirements for chauffeur vehicles, so check with your council first to ensure that your policy meets the necessary criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chauffeur Insurance

    • What is chauffeur insurance?
      Chauffeur insurance covers all aspects involved with a professional chauffeur service. From passenger liability (which covers the cost of injury to passengers or property damage while in transit) to breakdown coverage and vehicle replacement should it be needed, we will help you find specialists that will cover your for any eventuality.
    • Are there any chauffeur insurance requirements?
      Each council has different requirements when it comes to insurance for chauffeur vehicles, so please make sure to check your council's requirements first, so that you receive the policy you need to meet the proper criteria.
    • Can I get chauffeur insurance for people under 25?
      While it is generally possible to receive coverage for drivers under the age of 25, insuring young drivers is much more expensive than insuring older, more experienced drivers. Having a young driver in your company could raise your policy price, and trying (if at all possible) to have drivers in your company aged 30 and up can lower your policy price.
    • Can I get chauffeur insurance for a fleet of cars?
      Of course, no two fleets of cars are the same, and that is even more true for a specialty service such as chauffeuring. Whatever kind of cars you have in your fleet, we can help find a policy to suit your needs. Please note that many insurance companies require a minimum of five cars in a fleet to insure it. Visit out motor fleet insurance page to find out more.
    • Is only the chauffeur car covered by insurance?
      Insurance for chauffeurs covers a wide range of aspects besides just the car. In the event of a loss, chauffeur insurance will cover the replacement of a luxury car of the same value. Executive vehicles such as BMWs, Bentleys, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce are covered by this plan. Also in a chauffeur insurance plan is roadside assistance in case of a breakdown, public liability, passenger liability, and legal expense coverage. However, each council has different requirements for insurance, so please check with your council beforehand to make sure you get the proper policy.
    • What is the difference between chauffeur insurance and taxi insurance?
      The main difference between chauffeurs and taxis are that chauffeurs are for private hire, while taxis are always available for public hire. From an insurance standpoint, most insurance companies will only insure an executive car, such as BMWs, Bentleys, Rolls Royce, or Mercedes as a chauffeur vehicle. Visit our taxi insurance page to find out more.

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