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The QuoteSearcher Benefit

Insurance is a pain – that’s why we’re here. Aimed at simplifying the whole process, QuoteSearcher gives you everything you need for specialist insurance in one place. We search multiple providers specialising in touring caravan insurance, pass on your details and requirements so they can connect directly with you to offer you a quote.

Instead of you having to mine results for the best price, our partners compete to get your business. This allows for competitive prices for the most effective touring caravan insurance from the highly-regarded specialist brokers.

We know your time is precious, which is why the information from one simple form is enough to get the ball rolling.

Touring Caravan Insurance Policy Features

Accidental Damage cover

Repair costs from dents and scratches to storm damage are covered.

Fire and Theft cover

Cover for damage or loss caused by fire, vandalism and theft.

Contents cover

Protection for stored items like gas bottles, TVs and personal equipment. Read more about Contents cover.


New for Old cover

Get a suitable replacement if you caravan is within age range.

Liability cover

Covers legal and compensation costs in the event of claim against you. Read more about Liability cover.

UK & EU cover

Roadside assistance and cover when travelling locally and abroad. Read more about EU cover.

Frequently Asked Questions about Touring Caravan Insurance

    • If I store my touring caravan on my drive will this be a problem when applying for insurance?
      If you keep your caravan on your driveway, then no, this will not be a problem when applying for a caravan insurance quote. Your premium will vary however depending on where you live.
    • Why do you need to know where my touring caravan is kept?
      Where the caravan is stored is one of the main factors that will effect your caravan insurance premium. Some areas will inevitably represent higher risks than others, for example if the caravan is kept in the city centre or somewhere rural. One or the other will edit the amount you will be quoted for your insurance.
    • Will the contents of my touring caravan be insured?
      Yes, any accidental loss or damage to the contents and personal items inside the caravan can be included in the caravan insurance policy for an additional premium. You can select the value of your contents inside the caravan whilst applying for a caravan insurance quote on the QuoteSearcher website.
    • What else can you cover?
      When embarking on a caravan journey you will probably pack a number of personal items so that your holiday will be as comfortable as possible.  This is why our partners offer touring caravan insurance quotes that cover both the caravan itself and the contents inside.  When filling out our online form please provide the cost of the contents within your caravan, including any technology that you have fitted; you’ll want to ensure that these extras are covered!
    • How long can I go to Europe for with my caravan under a UK insurance policy?
      This will depend on particular caravan insurance policies. However, a general rule of thumb with caravan insurance is that policies will provide cover for European trips of up to 90 days at a time, and up to a maximum of 180 days per policy term.
    • How can I get my insurance cheaper?
      In order to help our customers find the lowest touring caravan insurance quote possible our online quotation form requires information about the safety measures you put in place for your touring caravan.  For example, we ask whether you have fitted your touring caravan with an alarm or tracking device, and where you store your caravan while you are not using it.  By putting these measures in place our brokers will be able to offer you lower insurance premiums as you pose less of a risk, so make sure you keep your touring caravan secure and safe!

I completed one simple form on QuoteSearcher and received a number of excellent quotes from a number of different insurers. These were all cheaper than any quotes I had received previously and I ended up saving a bundle!

George Taylor - Cardiff

My caravan insurance is now completely sorted thanks to QuoteSearcher. After visiting their site I received some superb quotes and was insured more or less instantly!

Jim Streaker - Cornwall