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Fendt Caravan Insurance

Fendt caravan insurance mirrors the types of policy you would expect from travel trailer caravans in general. With the many inherent risks involved with such units, from theft to accidental damage, it pays to ensure that you are comprehensively covered for most eventualities. There is, however, a balance to be considered, with over insurance almost as much of a risk financially as under insurance. With some thought and carefully chosen policy, however, you can be sure that you are protected from the inherent risks that come with touring caravans like these.

What You Need to Know About Fendt Caravan Insurance

Caravan with scenic view

Fendt caravan insurance encompasses the various policy needs of touring caravans. With a long history, the German company are known to manufacture affordable, but reliable, models that have stood the test of time. As a result, insurance costs and needs depend largely on the age of the unit itself and its condition. There are also many high-end models that are worth many tens of thousands of pounds which typically call for more expensive policy due to the value of the caravan itself. This can be weighed up with the fact that newer models are more secure and sturdy for the most part, which in turn may lower costs for certain policy options.

As is the case for all travel trailers (touring caravans), it pays to understand exactly which areas your car insurance covers your caravan, if it does at all. It is unlikely that even the most comprehensive policy will provide coverage for the specific needs of a caravan, unless the policy is itself designed for those likely to tow. Add to this the risks of theft, burglary and fire, it certainly pays to look into the relevant policy without assuming that you are relevantly insured. As Fendt caravans are a world-renowned manufacturer, this should make seeking out the right policy more straightforward.

Notable Features of Fendt Caravan Insurance

Fendt caravan insurance no longer fits so neatly within the broad and unspecific policy of previous eras. These days, providers are much more adept at cultivating separate policies that can perfectly suit the individual, not the provider. Although there are many insurance packages for touring caravans still available, most are finding a well-crafted group of individual policies to be better suited to their needs. Some of the most popular include:

Accidental Damage

No matter how careful you may try to be, the fact remains that caravans, being large units of varying shapes and sizes, are prone to damage. As a result, accidental damage cover is highly recommended, even for those who do not move their touring caravan on a regular basis. The policy does vary from provider to provider, however, so be sure to check exactly what it is the policy in question covers.


Equipment Cover

Caravans require a great deal of equipment to keep them fully functional and comfortable. With newer models, sometimes this apparatus might be of high value, such as new generators, solar panels and various electronics. Should this be the case for you, seeking out a policy that provides cover for the loss of such equipment is essential if you wish to avoid significant financial loss through theft and damage.

Weather Damage

Static caravans will often have such policies in place due to the possible harshness of disuse during the long winter months. It is often a blind spot that touring caravans are just as much at risk for such damage, which includes floods or long-term frost, as their static counterparts. As is the case with many other policy options, the devil is in the detail, so be sure to understand exactly what the provider is offering.


Contents Cover

To understand exactly how important this policy is, think of what a caravan represents to a would-be thief. Caravans are essentially homes where often expensive items are kept in a less secure space. Although modern caravans provide much improved security than yesteryear, the fact remains they are more tempting targets than most property. Having a comprehensive policy in place, therefore, is essential.