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Why QuoteSearcher for Convicted Driver Insurance?

A driving conviction can happen to even the best of drivers. Each year, more and more vehicles are crowding UK roads, meaning more accidents, more traffic, and more driving stress. And with technology improvements in speed cameras and traffic control, there are more ways to be caught for an infringement. Although a driving conviction can be a costly experience, it can still be affordable to ensure you and your vehicle, and allow you to build up your NCB again.

Whether you were convicted under a DR10 Drink Driving Conviction , an SP30 Speeding Conviction, a TT99 Conviction (penalty points exceed 12 within 3 years) or you were caught driving without insurance (IN10 Conviction), all of them will affect your insurance premium, with many UK insurers taking harder stances than others. We can help you find insurers who specialize in insuring individuals with driving convictions.

At QuoteSearcher, we have a lot of experience in dealing with convicted driver insurance, and indeed the brokers that offer such policies. We know that maintaining a driver’s license is integral, which is why we aim to take as much of the legwork from you as possible.

Policy Features

Having a driving conviction has an impact on your insurance as it makes you a higher risk. Our specialist brokers provide unique policies tailored for drivers with convictions. Despite paying a higher premium to be insured, these are some of the features your policy could include:

Legal Cover

Covers the cost of any legal expenses incurred after policy start. Find out more about Legal Cover for convicted drivers.

Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance for your vehicle in the event of a breakdown. Find out more about Breakdown Cover.

EU Cover

Stayed covered even when using your vehicle to travel around Europe. EU Cover for convicted drivers.

Protected No Claims Bonus

Maintain your NCB when moving to a convicted driver policy

Why You Need Insurance

Every UK motorist needs to be insured in order to be compliant with the law. Regardless of your conviction, having the right insurance in place is key to the continued safety of yourself and other road users. You need third party only (TPO) insurance as a legal minimum, which covers the cost of damage to another vehicle in the event of an accident.

People with convictions can struggle to find car insurance, regardless of whether their conviction was for a driving offence. Any kind of legal trouble can be seen as a negative by insurance companies, and may therefore refuse to cover you. On the other hand, there are some brokers that will cover you if the conviction is not driving or fraud related. However, there are also companies out there who specialise in providing this type of cover. 


Most Common Driving Offences

The most common driving offences in the UK are drink, speed and dangerous driving related, with the most common being:


Exceeding Statutory Limit on a Public Road


Driving Above the Legal Alcohol Limit


Failure to Provide a Specimen


Breaching Control of the Vehicle


Dangerous Driving


Using a Vehicle Uninsured Against Third Party Risks


Disobeying Traffic Light Instructions


Penalty Points Exceed 12 within 3 Years


Failing to Stop After an Accident

Ways to Lower Insurance Premium

Once approved for a policy, convicted drivers can lower their premiums with the following:

High Excess

Higher excess can mean lower premiums.

Low Mileage

Restricting mileage lowers vehicle risks. Find out more about Limited Mileage Cover.


Installing a black box to monitor driving behaviour.

Driving Courses

Rehabilitation to improve awareness and ability.

car key saving money

Disqualified Driver

Disqualification means you are banned from driving. This is either as a result of being convicted of a serious enough driving offence, or by accruing 12 or more penalty points (endorsements) within a 3 year period. The length of the disqualification depends on the nature of the offence, as follows:

  • 6 month ban if you get 12 or more points in 3 years
  • 12 month ban if you get a 2nd disqualification within 3 years
  • 24 months if you receive a 3rd disqualification

If you are disqualified for more than 56 days, you must apply for a new license before you can start driving again. The court may order you to retake your driving test or take an extended driving test before getting your new license. You may apply to have your disqualification period reduced after you have been banned from driving for:

  • 2 years if the disqualification is between 2 and 4 years
  • Half the disqualification period if it is between 4 and 10 years
  • 5 years if you disqualification is for over 10 years

Delcaring Convictions

Honesty and clarity are two very important factors when getting car insurance, and this includes being honest about your criminal history. If you have any convictions, whether they are driving related or not, you must declare these to your broker. If you do not, you may invalidate your policy or be liable for an increased premium once everything has been recalculated.

There is one caveat to this rule, however, in that you do not need to declare ‘spent’ convictions. A spent conviction is one that has been negated from your record due to a period of rehabilitation. This all depends on the sentence, the number of times you have been convicted of a crime, and the age you were when you were convicted. 

Being refused cover is a possibility if you have previous convictions and, even if you are accepted there is a good chance you will pay a great deal more than those without convictions. There are a few ways you can reduce your premium though, including increasing your excess, driving fewer miles or employing telematics to record your driving. This is a good option as it sends data to your insurer, thereby allowing them to calculate a premium based on your safe driving.

Frequently Asked Questions About Convicted Driver Insurance

    • Do I need Convicted Driver Insurance?
      Most people think that you only need convicted driver insurance if your conviction relates to a driving issue, however this is often not the case. Even if you have been convicted of fraud, theft, or aiding and abetting it is more than likely that some car insurance providers will refuse to cover you as they believe you pose more of a risk. However, the impact of convictions on insurance policies varies, so if you want to make sure you are getting the best price you should always think of convicted driver insurance as an option.
    • Is Convicted Driver Insurance expensive?
      Unfortunately, most insurance providers charge higher premiums for convicted drivers, which is why we talk to a number of them on your behalf in order to get you the best price. There are ways you could reduce the cost yourself however, such as increasing the amount of the excess for the policy. After a few years of careful driving you will also start accruing no-claims periods, which could reduce your insurance premiums in the future.

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