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QuoteSearcher works alongside a number of specialist brokers, aimed at finding the most competitive shop insurance quotes.

We can connect you with a wide selection of brokers who will work hard to get your business and provide you with quotes that meet your requirements.

There is no need for lengthy web searches, our partners will simply contact you and guide you through you the quote process.

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Shop Insurance Policy Features

There are 3 main features any shop insurance policy should contain:

Buildings and Contents Cover

Protects your premises and stock. Find out more about Buildings and Contents Insurance.

Public Liability

Protect your customers in the event of an injury. Learn more about Public Liability.

Business Interruption Insurance

Guarantees income should you need to stop trading. Read more about Business Interruption Insurance.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Cover in the event of injury to one of your employees. Read more about Employers’ Liability Cover.

Stock insurance

Replace damaged, spoiled, stolen or lost stock

Goods in Transit Cover

Cover for business items being transported for delivery. Find out more about Goods in Transit Insurance.

What Kind of Shops Are Covered?

You can use shop insurance to cover a wide range of retail environments, including:

  • Sandwich shop
  • Launderette
  • Chemist
  • Florist
  • Butchers
  • Bookshop
  • Shoe shop
  • Newsagents
  • Bakery
  • Antique shop
  • Pet shop
  • Off-license
  • Delicatessen
  • Toy shop


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    • What does Shop Insurance cover?
      Each type of policy will differ depending on the type of shop you own, as that way you will be protected against the most common risks for your business.  For example, if you own a café it is important that you are protected against fires that can be caused by the appliances in your kitchen, while those that specialise in retail will need protection against theft or damage to stock. 
    • What should I do in the event of water damage?
      You will need to inform your shop insurers as soon as possible. Absolutely do not carry out any repairs before consulting with your insurers. The shop insurance provider may be able to bring in specialists to clean up and assist with getting your property back in tip top shape.
    • One of my employees has had an accident in the work place, what should I do?
      You should do the following: 1) Report the accident to your insurers. 2) Make a note of the accident. It is your legal obligation to do so. 3) Do not accept responsibility or agree to pay compensation, even if you think it is obvious that it is your fault, as this may impair your relationship with your insurers. 4) Allow your shop insurers to investigate the accident and then advise you on what should be done next.
    • Will my van be covered under my shop insurance policy?
      Unfortunately not, you will instead need to purchase van insurance. Every vehicle requires some form of basic vehicle insurance. If you were to transport your stock or goods in the back of your van, then these items may well be covered under your shop insurance policy. But for everyday use, you will still need a basic van insurance policy.
    • How will I know what particular security my building will require?
      Security requirements will depend on your individual circumstances. You will also need to be able to meet the minimum security requirements stated by your shop insurer. For example, in some cases an alarm may be a minimum requirement, whereas for other insurers you may not need an alarm but having one may reduce your premium.
    • I use a private vehicle to transport stock, will it be covered while I am in transit?
      Providing the vehicle is owned by you, it should be covered by your shop insurance policy as you are using it to transport goods. This is something you should check with your insurer however just to make sure. All vehicles of course need to be insured by a basic vehicle insurance policy, and so provided the vehicle is insured, and your shop is insured, then there should be no complications if you were to be involved in an unfortunate event whilst transporting stock.
    • Is there a maximum amount of staff I can employ?
      Most shop insurance policies do not have a limit on the amount of staff you can employ. If there is a limit, it will be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the policy you are looking to purchase.
    • Will I be able to insure more than one property on my policy?
      Many shop insurance providers will offer options for you to insure multiple properties on the same policy. This may then lower your insurance premiums.
    • What if I do not have a business name?
      If you do not have a business name, you will need to take out your shop insurance policy under your own name. This will most probably not affect your insurance premiums.
    • If I do not yet have an alarm on my property, will this affect my insurance?
      You will almost certainly not need an alarm in order to purchase shop insurance. However, an alarm is likely to reduce your premium. The higher level of security you have for your establishment, the lower your premium is likely to be.
    • How do I get shop insurance cheaper?
      As we work with a wide range of specialist brokers a number of our customers have found cheap shop insurance quotes through QuoteSearcher.We understand that by saving money on your shop insurance you will be able to invest even more money into your business, which is why our brokers work so hard to find low cost shop insurance quotes.

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