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Why use QuoteSearcher?

Owning a salon – whether for beauty, hair or holistic treatments – can be an exciting, busy, but often tiring profession. The added strain of searching for salon insurance quotes is a headache many salon owners do not want to deal with. However, it is so important to be protected against a number of things, whether it is liability insurance, cover for your materials and equipment, or protection for your bricks and mortar building.

From beauty therapist insurance, to barber shop insurance, QuoteSearcher works with a fantastic panel of brokers who specialise in insurance for salons. You can rest assured that your business is covered so you can continue to focus on the best possible service for your customers.

Salon Insurance Policy Features

Although every salon business is different, there are some aspects of your policy that will work universally across the entire salon industry. Some of these will be:

Product and Public Liability

Covers cost of claims against business in the event product or place injures a member of public. Find out more about Product and Public Liability.

Employers’ Liability

Covers cost of claims against business in the event product or place injures a member of staff. Learn more about Employers’ Liability.

Treatments Liability

Covers cost of claims against business in the event a treatment injures a member of public.

Building and Contents Cover

Protection against damage to or loss of business buildings, stock and equipment. Read more about Building and Contents Insurance.

Stock Cover

Covers cost of replacement stock lost due to flooding, spoilage or transportation.


Replace essential stock, equipment or cash lost in the event of robbery or burglary.

Types of Salons

Hairdresser Salon

Hairdressing salons are often busy places with a lot of footfall and a range of equipment and chemicals on site. Your hair salon insurance policy should cover your building and employees, as well as customers, for various aspects such as injury, loss of earnings, and treatments liability.

Barbers Salon

Barber shops can offer a simple cut right up to a close shave and, as you are working around members of the public, you should also consider investing in public liability cover. This covers you against claims in case an accident occurs on your premises which leads to legal or financial issues.

hairdresser washes woman hair
barber cuts new men haircut

Beauty Salon

Beauty salons often utilise high end equipment for various treatments, from manicures to facials. Having expensive equipment on site can make you a target for theft, so having a policy that protects you from that is imperative. Moreover, it is important to ensure you have public liability insurance to protect you from claims made my clients who may have an allergic or negative reaction to products or treatments had in your salon.

Make Up Salon

Make up salon insurance protects make up artists and their equipment. If you specialise in a certain type of make up, such as wedding make up or theatre make up, our brokers can also help you find cover for your specific needs.

Tanning Salon

If you run a tanning salon, you know how expensive tanning beds and associated equipment can be. The loss of theft of just one can have a substantial effect on your income. Your premises and its contents should therefore be protected as part of your policy, and it is a good idea to have public liability insurance in case a customer has a bad reaction to any tanning products or equipment used in your salon.

Self Employed / Mobile Salon

There are many people who work as freelance or mobile salon workers. If you are self-employed or run a mobile salon that operates from your home or the homes of your customers, you will still need to have insurance – such as beauty insurance, barbers insurance or massage insurance. Public liability insurance is important for self-employed and mobile salon specialists; should anything happen to one of your customers during an appointment you will need to be properly protected otherwise you could find yourself in legal or financial difficulty.


    • What would I get with salon insurance?
      With a salon insurance policy, you will be covered for the following: any property loss or damage, any money lost whilst on the premises or in transit, any assault that takes place on your property, any business interruption you may experience due to loss or damage to your buildings or contents, public and products liability, employers liability, and legal protection. There may also be optional extras with different insurers.
    • If I were to work away from my salon, will I still be covered?
      Yes, most salon insurers would cover you if you were to carry out mobile work. This is of course something you should check however by reading through your policy documents, or by directly contacting your insurer via telephone or via email.
    • I am starting up a new salon, will I be covered?
      Yes, most salon insurance providers will cover start-up businesses. If you are indeed starting up a new salon, then it will be important to ensure you purchase all the necessary insurance policies you will require. If you are not fully insured, or do not have the correct type of insurance, in the event of something unfortunate happening then you may not receive a full pay out.
    • Will salon owners be responsible for the acts of independent contractors?
      This depends on the cause of injury, what the people were doing at the time, the current state of the law, and a contractual agreement between the owner of the salon and the person renting the booth space. If the independent contractor does not have insurance, then the injured person may turn to the salon for some form of financial compensation. The salon insurance policy you have may then cover you in such an event. However, you should check this with specific insurers.
    • If I were to change treatments would I have to advise my insurer?
      It would be a good idea to contact your salon insurance provider in order to check that you are covered for whatever treatment it is you wish to begin carrying out within the salon.
    • Who insures the personal property that independent contractors keep at the salon?
      If the contractor has purchased their own liability insurance then this should cover them. If not, however, then the salon owner will need to check whether their salon insurance policy will also cover contractors equipment, if not it may be worth adding it as an extra.
    • Would I have to pay an excess on a claim if one of the treatments went wrong?
      In the unfortunate and unlikely event of one of the treatments going wrong, most salon insurance providers would not then need you to pay an excess on a claim.
    • What details do I need to provide?
      We ask what type of business you own, the number of staff you employ and the total value of both your stock and your equipment.  By knowing a bit about your business our specialist brokers can provide you with a quote for your own specific salon insurance policy.
    • Can freelancers apply for salon insurance?
      Yes they can. Whether you are a freelancer or rent a chair in a salon you will still be able to search for insurance via QuoteSearcher, all you have to do is select ‘No’ where the form asks if you are the owner of the salon.  If you have any other special requirements and are not sure whether we can help then make sure you fill in our Contact Us form and we will get back to you straight away with all the options available!

Thanks to QuoteSearcher I am now fully insured. After looking at all the quotes I received, I chose the right policy for me and was insured more or less straightaway!

Joshua Stevenson – Weybridge

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the ease in which I managed to purchase my very reasonably priced insurance online.

Jenny Doulton - Lincoln