The UK’s Naughtiest Drivers, according to Driving Conviction

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry. For many drivers, they get too merry, forget about all the drink, and mistakenly…

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry. For many drivers, they get too merry, forget about all the drink, and mistakenly think if that eat before jumping into the driver’s seat they’ll be right as reindeer.

In fact, the festive period traditionally sees a spike in traffic and driving offences. Speeding down empty roads can be all too tempting if you are in a rush to get to Christmas dinner, and the last thing you would expect to see around the corner is a police car and a speed trap, which is exactly why they are there! Or perhaps you think it’s worth the risk driving without insurance, because you’re only going up the road and nobody is about anyway. The biggest problem is drink driving. As well as the reckless people who drive home from the pub on Christmas eve and can scarcely see straight, there are those who are driving the morning after the night before and are still under the influence, and therefore over the limit.

We looked at drivers from around the UK, and mapped the type of driving conviction to the region they’re from. This created our colourful map which clearly indicates where the worst behaved are from.

Drinking and Data Driven

At QuoteSearcher we have been helping convicted drivers find insurance policies for years, which in turn has provided us with a unique set of data. And considering the increase in driving offences at this time of year, we thought it was the perfect time to share our interactive map of UK driving convictions, to see which area has Britain’s naughtiest drivers.

In the UK, there are over 78 driving conviction codes spanning the full range of offences. We have grouped them into 5 broad categories, which are Hazard; Inebriated; Misbehaving; Paperwork and Speeding. The Hazard category implies infringements related to the condition of your vehicle (tyres, brakes etc), Paperwork is for licence, insurance and points penalties, Misbehaving for disobeying road laws and signs, and Speeding and Inebriated categories are self-explanatory.

It is important to note, the following data is based on information gathered from QuoteSearcher only – from over 15,000 unique users over the course of the past year.

The Naughtiest

Londoners are the worst offenders for across each category, but mainly because it has a much higher population density compared to the rest of the UK, hogging 59.3% of all convictions, while Manchester and Merceyside take 22.4% and 14.1%, respectively.

Road Hazards

Given the size of their county, Brummies are relatively hazardous drivers, with over 300 hazard convictions and 400 drink driving-related penalties over the past year, when compared to the Scottish Borders and Dunbartonshire which only had 16 each over a 12 month period. Not to mention Brum overtakes Merceyside, Lancashire and Surrey for speeding, at 3.1%.

Speeding offenders

Although, almost 1 in 10 people caught speeding in the UK are doing it in London, which seems impossible given the constant amount of traffic in and around the M25. Kent is within the top 5 regions of this misdemeanour, with Surrey not far behind. Suggesting the fine weather the South East enjoys equates to heavier feet on the pedal. Perhaps with the top down too.

Paperwork Offences – Licences, Insurance and Points

Essex, Hertfordshire and Bradford are poor at license and insurance related penalties out of the lesser populated counties, accounting for 6.5% of the UK, while Cumbria are up with the worst at hazardous vehicles (worn tyres and leaking brakes).

Top Misbehavers

Cardiff and Staffordshire are among the top 5 worst at not following the rules of the road, with each taking 2.8% (nearly 550 convictions per county) of the total for the UK. And not exactly a position in the rankings Liverpool wants to be above Manchester for, but they beat their rivals by over 200 convictions over the year.

Here is the breakdown of the worst drivers per county in the UK.

total percentage driver convictions by county in the uk

The Naughtiest Drivers as a percentage total of the UK

Watch this space for more insights. If you would like to inquire about Convicted Driver Insurance, find out more here.