Young People and the Motor Trade

According to the work experience specialist GoThinkBig, motoring is one of nine ‘passion points’ for people between the ages of eighteen and thirty. In…

Image of Mechanic's ToolAccording to the work experience specialist GoThinkBig, motoring is one of nine ‘passion points’ for people between the ages of eighteen and thirty. In fact, forty per cent of GoThinkBig’s users have claimed that they are passionate about motoring, however only eight per cent have actually looked into getting work experience at a dealer or mechanic. As a motor trader, you should try and protect the future of the industry by working with young and passionate people, so here QuoteSearcher looks at young people and the motor trade in more detail:

Passion for the Motor Trade

Young people, particularly young men, are usually interested in cars from an early age. This interest in cars can develop over the years into a true passion, making them want to know more about how vehicles work and what it’s like to have a career in the motor trade. As a motor trader, you probably understand this love of cars all too well as it’s also what drove you to join the motor trade. However, it’s often difficult to make the transition from being interested in cars to actually working in the motor trade industry, which is why you need to help. GoThinkBig is asking for motor traders to assist them when it comes to finding apprenticeships and work experience for young people in a range of motor trade roles including mechanics and car dealers.

Hiring Young People

If you own your own business it shouldn’t be too hard finding young people to take part in work experience or apprenticeship schemes. Local colleges are a great place to start, especially those that offer courses in mechanics or motor vehicle maintenance. If you know of a local college near you that offers these courses you may want to get in touch with their careers department and let them know that you are happy to offer work to their students. After this you will need to provide information on the type of student you are after and the work that you need help with. For example, you could offer work experience to those that are just beginning their courses in order to show them the ropes, however if you need students that can actually look after certain tasks for you it may be better to offer roles to those in their last year of studying or who already have certain skills.

Protecting your Business

Unfortunately, some businesses are put off from hiring young people for apprenticeships or work experience as it can sometimes be risky. Most young people have never worked in an actual motor trade business before, which means that they are more prone to making mistakes. Therefore, you need to make sure that your business is covered by an extensive motor trade insurance policy before you hire any young people and remind them that they must adhere to health and safety regulations. Remember, when hiring young or inexperienced people to join your business you not only need to protect your income and your customers’ vehicles but also their health and safety. If you ever feel that they are doing something wrong or are at risk of hurting themselves make sure you stop them straight away and ask them to perform a different task.

The Future of the Motor Trade Industry

As previously mentioned, by investing in young people you are protecting the future of the motor trade industry as it will mean that skilled and experienced motor traders will be entering the sector. Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa, head of GoThinkBig, said: “Among the biggest hurdles for young people looking for experience or employment is the lack of insight or opportunity. They may have a considerable passion for motoring, but don’t have a clue how to work on the sales or service side of a car brand. Their contact networks are limited; no one in their family has experience, so the dream never becomes reality. The ambition amongst young people is there to get into motoring. Our role is to position ourselves to pull together the bespoke opportunities that are relevant to your business and uncover talent – for free.”

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