Maintaining Different Types of Motor Fleets

Regardless of the type of vehicles your motor fleet consists of, you will need to have a plan in place in order to keep…

Image of Van FleetRegardless of the type of vehicles your motor fleet consists of, you will need to have a plan in place in order to keep them all well maintained. Whether its cars, buses, vans, or even bicycles, it’s essential you keep them all in pristine condition as it will help them last longer and provide good value for money. So here, QuoteSearcher looks at some of the best ways to maintain different types of fleets:

Car Fleets

Even if you have a fleet consisting of just cars, you can still own a variety of vehicles, all of which will need different types of care. As with most fleets, the vehicles in your car fleet will probably all be different ages, meaning that some will need more care than others. For example, older cars will need to have their oil and water levels, as well as other mechanical components, checked on a more regular basis to make sure they have not become subjected to wear and tear. Newer cars on the other hand are much less likely to have mechanical faults, and if they do the parts are often easier to find (although can cost more). There are pros and cons to both old and new cars, so make sure you have a good idea of how much maintenance each vehicle in your fleet requires and the cost of parts should one of them have an issue.

Commercial Vehicle Fleets

In general, commercial vehicles need to be sturdy in order to complete day to day tasks and withstand wear and tear caused by heavy loads or long journeys. The fact that they are so sturdy means that some people don’t care for commercial vehicles as well as they should do, with vans or trucks covered in scratches or dents an all too common sight. This is why you need to make it clear to everyone who will be driving your commercial vehicles that they should be cared for just as much, if not more, than any other type of vehicle. Even though commercial vehicles are sturdy they are rarely cheap, meaning the longer they last the better. Most commercial vehicles also have expensive accessories such as roof racks, Sat-Navs, or even telematics, all of which will need to be maintained and protected as much as possible.

Taxi Fleets

The taxi industry is extremely fast paced, which means that taxi fleet managers usually require all of their vehicles to be on the road during each shift. Having one of your vehicles in your taxi fleet off the road due to maintenance is a sure fire way for your business to lose money, so when it comes to taxi fleets maintenance should be a top priority. Furthermore, most local councils have certain regulations when it comes to taxis (especially public hire ones) which you need to adhere to in order to keep them on the road. If you break these regulations not only will you not be able to use your taxis but you could also face receiving a hefty fine. Most taxi companies make it the drivers’ responsibility to keep their vehicles in good condition, so talk to yours on a frequent basis and remind them of the rules.

Mixed Fleets

Here at QuoteSearcher we help customers find motor fleet insurance for any fleet, of any size, with any combination of vehicles. This is because businesses these days are now utilising the wide range of vehicles available on the market to streamline their day to day tasks and provide faster turnarounds. Furthermore, the automotive market is rapidly changing, with new types of vehicles such as hybrid and electric models becoming increasingly popular and affordable for motor fleet managers across the UK. If you own a fleet with a range of vehicles, it’s likely you will compartmentalise them in order to have a better idea of which vehicles need what type of maintenance. Don’t forget that some vehicles also need specific licenses in order to be driven legally, so make sure all your drivers have the right training before getting behind the wheel!

Whether you own a car fleet, commercial vehicle fleet, taxi fleet, or mixed fleet, maintenance should always be your top priority. Keeping all the vehicles in your fleet well maintained requires organisation and a lot of time, however you will be rewarded with a fleet that is reliable and cheap to run.

Photo by Peter McDermott / CC BY-SA 2.0