Handling Tenant Arguments

Tenants are often quite vocal when it comes to something they are unhappy about, which is why at one point or another it is…

Two people arguingTenants are often quite vocal when it comes to something they are unhappy about, which is why at one point or another it is highly likely that as a landlord you will receive an angry phone call or letter. Most landlords would prefer not to get into an argument with their tenants as it just adds extra stress to their already busy job, however there are times where it is unavoidable. So here we give you some tips on how to handle these arguments:

Angry Tenants

Tenants will usually get irate if something important breaks in the property such as the boiler or the roof, and understandably they will want it fixed right away. Unfortunately, this might not always be possible, especially during the winter months, so the best thing to do is keep your tenants up to date with everything that is happening and assure them that you are working hard to get the problem solved. Remember, if it was your property you would probably be annoyed too so let them have their rant and just concentrate on getting the problem solved!

Angry Landlords

Not that many would like to admit it, but there are times where even landlords lose their patience and end up getting into an argument with a tenant. This is usually down to the tenant damaging or mistreating their property, or continually not paying their rent. You need to be careful when it comes to getting angry with your tenants, as not only is it extremely unprofessional to lose your temper around them but can also lead to them claiming you are unfit as a landlord. Remember, you are protected by your Tenancy Agreement and landlord insurance, so any problems can be easily dealt with and you can relax!

Arguments between Tenants

We have all heard and laughed about people leaving passive aggressive notes to their housemates, however if the situation gets out of hand you could find yourself in the middle of an argument between your tenants. This is especially true for student houses, as there are often complaints about one tenant making too much noise, stealing food or not buying any toilet roll! In order to protect your business against these complaints you need to make sure you have a clause in your Tenancy Agreement that states that if someone moves out they still have to pay their rent until they find a new tenant – that way you can also keep out of things!

Having the skill to handle arguments calmly and effectively is invaluable to landlords; just remember that it’s far more important to protect your business and your reputation than get into a pointless disagreement!