Sourcing Food for your Restaurant

So far we have discussed how restaurant owners can get ideas for recipes and put together a menu, but now we go back to…

greengrocerSo far we have discussed how restaurant owners can get ideas for recipes and put together a menu, but now we go back to something a little bit more basic – sourcing food for your restaurant! Buying food is something you will do on a regular basis along with paying your bills and restaurant insurance, and sometimes this means that owners forget that you don’t just have to go to the same shop again and again! Here we look at some different ways of sourcing food for your restaurants:

Local Produce

So many people complain that supermarkets are harming local businesses, however many fail to do anything about it! Why don’t you do your bit for the local community and look at all the different ways you can buy ingredients from local shops and farms? For instance, if you serve bread at the beginning of each meal why don’t you talk to your local baker and see if he can provide it for you? You could also talk to your local greengrocers and butchers, and if you are planning on offering them repeat business for a long period of time they may offer you a discount!


Going to a wholesaler is a great way to save some money as you can buy everything you need in bulk for a cheaper price, especially for non-perishable items. Flour, sugar, teabags, and even serviettes and toilet roll can all be bought in large amounts for cheap at your local wholesaler, however be warned that you will have to sign up first before you are allowed to buy your goods there by providing proof you own a restaurant. Also, there is a tendency for some to get carried away whilst they are shopping and forget that everything they buy needs to be stored somewhere! The best way to avoid this is to make a list and stick with it whilst you’re there!

Grow your Own

People often forget that it’s actually quite simple to grow certain things in their own back gardens, and also extremely cheap as you can often pick up plants for pennies! Herbs such as parsley and thyme are especially easy to grow yourself and are used in a wide variety of dishes. If you are feeling more adventurous you could even have a go at growing your own tomatoes or peas. This is also a great way to make your menu look more impressive, especially if the tomato soup is home-grown and 100% fresh!

Sourcing food for your restaurants can often end up just becoming another chore, but by looking at news ways not only can you have fun but also end up saving yourself some money!