The Importance of Restaurant Insurance

If you own a restaurant you will know that you are typically rushed off your feet, and because of this no matter how careful…

cafeIf you own a restaurant you will know that you are typically rushed off your feet, and because of this no matter how careful you are accidents can happen. There are also occasions where damages occur through no fault of your own, which is why investing in restaurant insurance is so important. So how does restaurant insurance protect you and your business?

Everyday Risks

Kitchens are known to be dangerous areas where a myriad of things can go wrong. The most obvious danger in a kitchen is fire, which can often spread quickly and cause thousands of pounds of damage in a matter of minutes. However, there are also dangers that you probably haven’t even thought about, such as electrical wirings that can become worn down over time and can also cause a fire to start. As you never know what could happen, investing in more than the legally required amount of smoke and fire alarms is a wise decision; just don’t forget to test them all every month!

Outside Influences

Unfortunately, most restaurant kitchens contain equipment that is expensive and therefore is often targeted by thieves. Furthermore, even if you have an alarm system fitted, this doesn’t always deter vandals who may also damage your restaurant whilst it is closed for the evening. There is also the problem of bad weather that can damage your drains and ultimately force you to close until they are fixed, which is why having a comprehensive restaurant insurance policy can not only save you money but also get your business back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Human Error

What would you do if a member of staff forgot to put a ‘wet floor’ sign down whilst cleaning and a customer tripped and injured themselves? Well firstly, you would apologise, but unfortunately this is usually not the end of the matter as the customer could sue you for compensation. Restaurant insurance covers you for public liability, meaning that if you need to go to court or pay compensation you won’t have to cover the potentially expensive costs on your own.

When owning a restaurant it sometimes seems that anything could go wrong at any minute, which is why restaurant insurance is so important, as it not only protects your business but also gives you peace of mind!