Cooking in Motorhomes

One of the best parts of going on holiday in your motorhome is that you get to enjoy your trip whilst keeping all the…

cooking potsOne of the best parts of going on holiday in your motorhome is that you get to enjoy your trip whilst keeping all the little things you love about home with you. For instance, many people enjoy the fact that they don’t have to guess whether they will like the food in a new country they travel to, so they bring food with them and cook for themselves! If you like to cook in your motorhome, or just fancy improving your motorhome culinary skills, here is some advice:

Don’t pack too Much

Motorhomes are heavy enough as it is, so stocking it to the brim with your favourite food will make your journey more difficult. Instead, before you leave maybe write up a menu so you don’t bring anything you won’t use, and you could also think of ingredients you can use in more than one meal. For instance, there’s no point in bringing the whole spice rack if you only plan on using a bit of oregano! And don’t forget you can always pick up ingredients along the way – some things are the same in every country!

Be careful what you Pack

Whilst some motorhomers may be dedicated carnivores, there’s no point in bringing two weeks’ worth of meat with you as most of it will go off before you finish your holiday! Also, be careful what types of fruit and vegetables you pack – onions and potatoes tend to stay fresh for a while, but salads and soft fruits are likely to bruise or go soggy along the way. Some things that are always great to bring are pasta, rice, sauces and – most importantly – tea bags. Just make sure you don’t leave them in your motorhome for too long as even these things will eventually go off!

Cook Safely

Barbequing goes hand-in-hand with motorhome holidays, however it important to make sure that you keep an eye on your barbeque at all times. Even the smallest amount of fire could spread quickly and damage your motorhome leaving you having to claim on your motorhome insurance, and if worse comes to the worse being stuck without a vehicle! Also, when barbequing make sure you cook the meat all the way through, no one wants food-poisoning whilst on holiday!

Cooking can be a great way to get everyone together on a motorhome holiday, as you are always sure to find someone who is happy to help out with the cooking – or maybe just the eating. Just make sure you plan ahead and stay safe, and bon appetite!