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Whether it’s a classic Range Rover or the latest Jeep, QuoteSearcher can help you find an insurance quote for your 4×4. Whether you use your 4×4 for your daily commute or for the occasional off-road adventure, QuoteSearcher compare quotes to help you find an offer that could save you money.

Why does 4×4 Insurance tend to be more expensive?

4x4s aren’t the cheapest class of vehicle – tax, petrol and insurance can all often be more expensive than for a more conventional vehicle. All vehicles are placed in one of 50 insurance ‘groups’, with those in Group 50 being the most expensive to import. Because accidents involving 4x4s are more likely to cause significant damage to other, usually smaller vehicles, premiums tend to be higher.

Types of 4×4 Insurance

  • Third Party 4×4 Insurance is the minimum cover allowed by law. This level of cover only covers damage or injury to others. No cover is provided for damage to your own car.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft 4×4 Insurance is similar to Third Party Insurance except that it additionally provides protection against the theft of your vehicle and any damage sustained. It is historically perceived as a relatively cheap ‘middle ground’ type of insurance, however this is not always the case. In some cases it can potentially end up costing more than some fully comprehensive premium coverage plans.
  • Fully Comprehensive 4×4 Insurance is, as the name suggests, the most comprehensive form of coverage for your 4×4. This covers damage to both your own vehicle and others in the event of an accident, as well as a range of other issues

Finding Cheap 4×4 Cover

Although it is hard to find cheap 4×4 cover, it’s not impossible, and there are some tips we have to help you keep down the costs on.

  • Vehicle security, such as an alarm and immobilizer, can help reduce your quote significantly. If possible, parking your vehicle in a driveway or garage can also help reduce your quote.
  • Reducing your mileage can help. Since accidents involving 4x4s tend to be more expensive than with smaller cars, consider limiting your mileage whenever possible.
  • Avoid installment plans if possible – insurers often charge interest, so if it’s financially feasible to pay your plan in one lump you can often save.
  • Do not automatically renew – you may find a better deal elsewhere, or you may find the cost of your current policy has changed. This will help you avoid inadvertently getting locked into a price that may not be the best deal.