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Taxi Legislation Update

If a legal reform goes ahead as planned then taxi laws as well as licensing laws will see some major changes. One of the first to give their opinions on the changes is those that are members of Copeland’s taxi and licensing committee. The chair here, Councillor Peter Connolly has said, “Over 22 years I [...]

Super Rich Taxi in Super-Cars

In Jakarta, Indonesia, many wealthy residents thought that they were in for a treat when they thought they could get a taxi ride in some of the world’s fastest cars. It turns out, this was just a very elaborate PR stunt. The taxi firm went by the name of MM Cabs and said that there [...]

Victims Lose their Case for Damages

Victims who were drugged and raped by the “black-cab rapist”, John Worboys, have lost a vital step in their fight to claim for damages. The 10 women were told by the high court in London that their battle over the liability of motor insurance companies had failed. Worboys was jailed 3 years ago in 2009 [...]

Opposition to CCTV in Taxis

Oxford City Council is awaiting the verdict on whether they can install CCTV into their taxis. They were hoping to have this complete by 2015, with all taxis having cameras that would record images and audio but protests from a variety of people have suspended any further arrangements, at present. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) [...]

Report on Taxi Faults is Flawed Claim Cabbies in Cardiff

New measures to improve the standard of Cardiff’s ageing black and white taxi fleet has been proposed, which cabbies in the city have criticised. The proposal happened when Cardiff council licensing officers, tourists and the police reported that the standards of taxis around the city had fallen over the past year. The number of cautions [...]

Private Hire Taxis in Birmingham Accused of being Driven by Criminals

It has been claimed that passengers in taxis and private hire vehicles driven around Birmingham are involved in prostitution and drug rackets. Black cab drivers say that they are losing their business by unlicensed and uninsured vehicles with no private hire insurance whatsoever, which is now being investigated by a new city council working party [...]