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London Cabbie Turning his Black Cab into Accommodation

Whilst many people in London are renting their homes out to London 2012 visitors, one cab driver, David Weekes has turned his cab into a hotel for one guest, which will be available for £50 a night through the home rental website Wimdu.co.uk. The cab will have everything you need for an overnight stay, including [...]

Concerns over Taxi Fares during the London Olympics

Founder of hailocab.com and black cab driver, Russell Hall, worries that fares will increase four times as much because of the time spent in traffic due to the Olympic Route Network. He said, “I’ve been a taxi driver for 27 years. As the son of a taxi driver, who’s married to a taxi driver, taxi [...]

Surrey Taxi Drivers will be given the Olympic Knowledge

Tourists who are visiting Surrey will be given details on what to do and where to go during the 2012 Olympic Games. As the UK makes preparations for the Games, taxi drivers in Surrey, who are already known for their banter and chat, are also being taught the “Olympic knowledge”. Cabbies are learning about the [...]

London Cabbies in Uproar over Olympic Plans

It has been reported that the cost of a cab ride in London, during the Olympics, could be as much as four times higher as a result of “Games Lanes” being installed for the exclusive use of competitors and dignitaries. The 21,000 black cabs in operation in the capital will not be allowed in the [...]