Monthly Archives: January 2012

Are you the Cabbie of the Year 2012?

Swinton Taxi Division is on the search for the country’s greatest cabbie and wants to award them with the title ‘Cabbie of the Year 2012’. As well as the winning the title ‘Cabbie of the year 2012’, the very lucky taxi driver will also win a year’s free taxi insurance and a cheque for £1,000. [...]

Changes to Taxi Regulations Welcomed in North Wales

Everyone in the taxi industry including cabbies, UK taxi insurance providers and taxi firms have welcomed new rules in Conwy which cuts out unnecessary red tape and will add to the safety and comfort of passengers. The new rules include removing certain design specifications, which was confusing for both the authorities and trade and also [...]

Watford Cabbie’s Plans to use Bus Lanes Backed Up by Councillors

Councillors have backed up proposals from taxi drivers in Watford to use bus lanes. Cabs with the Watford Borough Council crest on the side, could be allowed to drive down the bus lanes in the High Street, St Albans Road and Station Road, in the next few months. The decision for these hackney carriages will [...]

Changes in Legislations could Cost 500 Cab Jobs in Leeds

Cab drivers in Leeds are campaigning against a proposed deregulation of the trade, which they fear could cost hundreds of cabbies their jobs and decrease the quality of service in the city. The Government is presently considering getting rid of Section 16 of the Transport Act 1985 – which permits councils to limit the number [...]

Concerns over Taxi Fares during the London Olympics

Founder of and black cab driver, Russell Hall, worries that fares will increase four times as much because of the time spent in traffic due to the Olympic Route Network. He said, “I’ve been a taxi driver for 27 years. As the son of a taxi driver, who’s married to a taxi driver, taxi [...]

Surrey Taxi Drivers will be given the Olympic Knowledge

Tourists who are visiting Surrey will be given details on what to do and where to go during the 2012 Olympic Games. As the UK makes preparations for the Games, taxi drivers in Surrey, who are already known for their banter and chat, are also being taught the “Olympic knowledge”. Cabbies are learning about the [...]