Monthly Archives: August 2011

Taxi Driver Sentenced After Teenager’s Fall Death

A cabbie has received a 12 month suspended jail sentence after a teenage girl fell out of his moving vehicle and died in Halifax. The tragic death of Lisa Saville, 19, happened after a night out when she tumbled from the taxi and hit her head on the ground. The death happened on the 4th [...]

Bournemouth Taxi Drivers not Happy to Pay for Marshalls

Taxi drivers and people in the taxi trade around Bournemouth have labelled an attempt to make them pay for night-time security marshals as ‘illegal’. Ashley Miller, from Bournemouth Taxi Trade Association, criticised the proposal they should take over the cost of security staff that patrol a taxi rank. Currently, during the summer months, Bournemouth Council [...]

Taxi Drivers in Edinburgh Live in Fear because of Passenger Abuse Levels

According to a new study, Taxi drivers in Edinburgh face more abuse, fare-dodging and violence from passengers than anywhere else in Scotland. An academic study carried out by an MSc transport, planning and engineering student, Moira Weir, at Edinburgh Napier University was based on a relatively small sample of 75 cabbies, and trade representatives have [...]

There’s an App for checking if Cabs are Licensed

An application for the iPhone and Android smartphone has been launched in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire to allow people to check if a taxi is licensed. The scheme is called “Am I Safe” and is currently being used in Watford, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Luton. Am I Safe was launched in hope that both the safety [...]

Taxi maker Manganese makes a Profit

Manganese Bronze, manufacturer of London’s iconic black cabs is in profit for the first time in over 4 years. This has been helped by the decision made by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson to remove all cabs with expired taxi insurance quotes from the road once they reach 15 years old. Chief Executive of [...]

Rickshaw Drivers Accused of being a Menace

Licensed black cabbies in London have accused rickshaw operators of being dangerous to passengers, uninsured and a menace to other drivers, which has caused a rickshaw war in the West End. Rickshaw drivers argue that taxis deliberately drive too close to them and that taxis just fear the competition. However, there are claims that rickshaw [...]